Katie's Amazing Fantasy Hairdo!

It was slightly mind-blowing to receive an email some time back from Kelly Gibson, the editor of Kansas Weddings Magazine asking if I would like to participate in a styled bridal shoot for the 2018 issue. My heart leaped! Heck Yes, I would! It was also very thrilling to be recommended for the project by the brilliant photographer Nicolette Sessin . Having creative license is so much fun in any styled trade shoot, and is music to my ears when it comes to bridal work!!! I knew I wanted to do something extravagant for the bride. I instantly thought of model Katie Warren. She recently had cut off all of her really long hair and it had grown out to a shoulder length blunt bob. She has the most d

Combs as Advertisement

I think it's really neat to get a printed comb premium from a salon. I have a few that I have collected over the years. Some are from salons that I have worked in, and I found a few on Ebay. It is a nice way to advertise a salon while giving a gift that is useful to the client! Some of the lettering has worn off from use. I've had several over the years that I've lost or broken, but here are a few from my current collection.

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