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March 6, 2018

Hearing those words can often strike a feeling in a professional hair/makeup artists's heart that is difficult to explain.


                                                                  It is a combination of this:


                                                                                   And this:

      When you take the business of beauty seriously, you know that although it's a fun and frivolous job in the minds of most, it can be sometimes a very stressful, physicially and emotionally draining business. Same as other businesses, there are things such as maintaining one's professional licensing, paying insurance and professional association dues, paying for continuing education, maintaining a website, handling a time-consuming social media presence (which is essential for marketing oneself in a saturated industry) restocking supplies and disposables, and upgrading kit items for constant new trends not common to many other trades.


     What is often not understood is the many ways in which this business can cause such stresses that many stylists leave the profession after a relatively short time. A cosmetology or makeup school can only teach the basics, and often artists are unprepared for the demands of a constantly-evolving industry. Even seasoned artists can encounter such stressful situations that are so discouraging that they give up the business for good. 

Physical demands such as standing all day, having few breaks, if any, not being able to eat a meal or use the bathroom, often for hours at a time, and regularly working overtime can cause physical impairments.


    People can sometimes have unrealistic expectations of how a new hairstyle will look on them, and if it isn't EXACTLY like in the photo, they are so disappointed that they express their feeling in an inappropriate way, often directed personally at a stylist who has tried her best to create the desired style. The style in the picture may be on a totally different hair type and texture, with an entirely different face or head shape, or even augmented with hairpieces and extensions, but a client like that will not care. It is impossible to please them. They spread the bad word to all their friends or make a terrible review online and the stylist's reputation is damaged.

Scenario #2

     A makeup artist who has just graduated is asked to do projects which take time to plan, money to buy new kit items, and time out of her schedule to perform, while she is being asked to do the work in exchange for exposure or even for free, sometimes with no regard for the realities of the costs involved, and no consideration given to the living expenses of the artist. The artist does the work because she is so excited about her new career, but these types of jobs rarely if ever lead to paid work, and she quickly becomes discouraged and moves on to a less fulfilling but regular paying career. 



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